RE- APC Group Knocks Smart Adeyemi over ‘No Primary’ claims.

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…..calls for his immediate expulsion from the party.

Our attention as Formidable Kogi West Matter Group has been drawn to an obviously co-ordinated misinformation and falsehood being circulated in some sections of the media , deliberately aimed at smearing the Senator’s popularity, soaring political profile and integrity.
Having read the purported junk story scribbled by one Kamaldeen Toyin a bonafide of kwara state who is an unfortunate stooge being used to scuttle kogi west for governorship agitation for his mundane desires, this is what we have to say.

The leader of the group Mal. Tajudeen Abubakar said it is needless and absolutely abysmal to resort to such chaffy and uncultured epistle from an agent of “Divide and Rule. Maliginging a notable politician as Senator Smart Adeyemi will not in anyway add value to Kamaldeen’s pay master.

To set the records straight, Senator Smart Adeyemi has every justification under the jurisdiction of the law to vote and be voted for. Infact he is not the only contender who have expressed displeasure about the charade APC governorship Primary election, as there was nothing like primary election on 14th of April,2023. There are verifiable evidences that no election was held across the 239 wards in Kogi State.
Responding to a certain part of Kamal’s press, Mallam Tajudeen noted that Senator Adeyemi has always won his elections, be it primary and general elections through transparent,free and fair atmosphere.
Moreso for a statesman with capacity, competence , character, vision and foresight. But this is not the essence of this post as the issues raised are all indices of political science.

We dare say that he did not loose his senatorial bid If truth be told, we are all witnesses to the irregularities that took place at the then senate primaries with the returning officer being a sitting commissioner of solid and mineral resources in kogi state, Engr Bashir Gegu. This alone was a clear contravention of the stipulated law and against the will of the people in the senatorial district which has caused disaffection amongst party faithfuls and followers. The tags of the delegates were collected from them by the government officials from the state and local governments to deliver the governor’s candidate at all cost.
Was there a gentleman arrangement and Senator Smart Adeyemi violated it? If you must speak credibly, then it has to be backed up by facts not back door gossip that are mostly made up to massage your ego and that of your sender.

Senator Smart Adeyemi is eminently qualified to seek for power rotation to kogi west seeing as the district has not produced a democratically elected governor for decades. It is therefore not an anomaly that for the purposes of equity, fairness and justice, the agitation for Kogi West to produce the next Governor has become priority.

Speaking further, Mr Kehinde Atulese Mark said Senator is focused and dedicated towards delivering on his campaign promises to the people which we can already see and not after any pecuniary gain, he said Kamaldeen Toyin is after Chairmanship position of Ijumu LGA and the people of Ijumu won’t stoop so low to vote for him as chairman as his scandalous, recklessly spending on frivolities materials, womanizing, mischievous and extravagant lifestyle is known to them as such people of Ijumu are too refined, genuine and sophisticated to even hand over the mantle of leadership of Ijumu LGA to a questionable character like Kamaldeen and as a non indigene who does not even have any political value and positive Impacts on the development of the people rather he has been a mercenary to cause more damage, the reason he has gone dirty to this extent in order to have his desire granted at all cost as against the general will and desire of the people of Kogi West, his actions is indeed laughable and sad at the same time.

In addition, Mr Kehinde said, Senator Smart Adeyemi has been in politics long enough and has won his previous elections on the basis of his outstanding representation at the National Assembly, legislative delivery, lofty achievement, projects, constituency outreach and quality contributions which has added value positively.
Under any democratic dispensation, Senator Smart Adeyemi is free to contest for any position as they are part of his fundamental rights.

After the rubber stamp Senate primary election, Senator Adeyemi did not for once speak ill of Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, he only expressed his displeasure over the process of the election which is well within his rights and on the fraudulent APC governorship primary election the Senator has again alongside other 5 aspirants made their grievances known to the general public and the party. Our question is why is Kamaldeen and his pay master running from pillar to pole if they have done what is right?

If Kamal have any recourse to history, he will find that Senator Adeyemi has championed power rotation long before the advent of the new direction government and not doing that because he is the race and from the reports we gathered it is only Senator Smart Adeyemi that is still standing from Kogi West despite the pressure, he was resolute and resilient. We have the likes of Asiru Idris and Adebanji David Jimoh from Kogi West who was asked to step down for the annointed candidate of Governor Yahaya Bello, we also heard some others were also forced to stepped down from the other zones.

Hajia Bilikis Hammed said Senator Smart Adeyemi as a dogged and resolute personality has no reason to fear whatsoever. He has a alot of respect for Man, but be assured that he fears only the Almighty God. Interactive sessions with stake holders to explore the importance of power shifting to kogi west is by no way unconstitutional or unethical.

She said further that naturally, What will define Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration as a statesman will be to zone the governorship seat to kogi west senatorial district. If that happens, then history will have it on record that the right thing was done at the relevant time.

Alhaji Yahaya Bello by providence emerged as the executive Governor of Kogi State in his first tenure after the departure of Late Abubakar Audu, since then, Senator Smart Adeyemi has remained supportive to the agenda and administration of the Governor.

Senator Smart Adeyemi has been known to respect and revere people in authority as a result of the office they occupy, Governor Bello inclusive she added.

Ajayi Korede while making his own inputs said he wondered how people who claim to be educated reason making reference to Kamaldeen’s allegation that the governor was told the Senator will bite him? Senator Smart Adeyemi has not made every of his helper regret their benevolence, Senator Smart Adeyemi rewards good deeds, loyatly and consistency and sincerity and there are practical examples of how Senator Smart Adeyemi has paid many with good.

The Senator has given the governor utmost respect, recognition and reverence at the red chamber to the chargrin of his fellow law makers and it is also on record that he was the DG campaign of GYB/CEDO reelection in 2019.

I have watched where Senator Smart Adeyemi made it clear that he will remain amenable to the Yahaya Bello led governement and has rendered his unwavering support at relevant times as it is the right thing to do. When he was working assiduously and relentlessly for APC in the local, state and federal he isn’t cancerous it is now that he is clamouring for what is right that kamaldeen is saying that he is cancerous to the party? What a shallow thinking and despicable act Hajia Bilikis Hammed added.

Mr R.A Jibril said, It is imperative to state unequivocally that Senator Smart Adeyemi is committed and loyal to the All Progressive Congress (APC) and his wide reach has added immeasurable value to the party and this has been evident in the just concluded presidential elections.
The figures from kogi state, and his senatorial district in particular, speak for it self.

For the umpteenth time, there was no APC Governorship Primary Election in the whole Kogi State, the Senator was in his ward but waited for hours without any INEC materials and officials on ground, so how would you kamaldeen Toyin who is part of the instrument used to input figures to favour the annointed candidate of Governor Yahaya Bello agree that there was no primary election at all?

The returning officer of the primary election, Governor Matawalle Bello Muhammed is the only one permitted by the constitution of the party to conduct, collate and declare the results of the election but he left Kogi State when he discovered cunning and foul play to subvert the general will of the people. The question is did the constitution permits the secretary of the election committee to declare the result? All that was done is null and void and of no effect because it contravenes the stipulated guidelines and constitution of the party.

Coming to rotation, Kamaldeen Toyin with no pen, Where has seeking for justice and fairness become a sin?

The Senator is a party man to the core who joined the ruling party based on his personal conviction about the all progressive party ideology. Why should the Senator be expulse from the party? On what basis? For speaking the truth or because he is seeking for power rotation to kogi west for equity, fairness and justice? Mr R.A Jibril asked.

Calling for the expulsion of Senator Smart Adeyemi from the party is a dead on arrival move that won’t see the light of the day.

In conclusion as a group we will continue to resist falsehood in every form and in its entirety.

The continuous peddling of lies and penning down figments of Kamaldeen’s wild imaginations will not get him and his pay masters to their assumed promise land.
The general public should therefore be wary and by this rejoinder, completely disregard the misinformation, antics and schemes of this fifth columnist and rabble rouser of our great state.

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