Omede as Abejide’s Running Mate A Relief For Kogites – Hadi-Dankogi.

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The news of Dr. Idris Omede as the adopted Deputy Governorship Candidate of the Advanced Democratic Congress (ADC) party pairing with Elder. Hon. Abejide Leke as a running mate in the forthcoming Kogi Gubernatorial Election hits Kogi Media Space with hush reaction because the ticket is one with multiple positive connotations in the ongoing race for who provides relief for the people of Kogi State after the reign of Yahaya Bello ends in January 2024.

Elder Leke Abejide Leke, a fighter with the stamina to keep eyes on the ball regardless of the odds is first an acceptable representative amongst his constituents as a people oriented legislator who has given more than required per expectations of him and the resources at his disposal. This amongst many other reasons has placed him above his peers.

Now the two terms elected member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing the hospitable people of Yagba East/Yagba West/Mopa-muro Federal Constituency is a policy-serving member of the National Assembly in a State like Kogi where hostility towards opposition is more evident than the impacts made in serving the people on the top rate is a thing to cut the attention of every concerned Kogites about Elder Leke Abejide.

As a confirmation of the potency of this mandate, Elder Leke Abejide now leads a joint ticket with Dr. Idris Omede who is a publicly acknowledged administrator with pedigree in Human Relation and Technical Know-how; this is the kind of ticket that the people of Kogi State yearns for as a result of the much concentrated suffering done on the people regardless of the richness that it possesses in resourced and Rlreach abinitio.

Given the above, let me first congratulate the people of Kogi State for a rich option on the Ballot as this; again to the builders and sustainers of ADC in Kogi State for providing us with a formidable platform to thrive at a time like this ; most importantly I must commend Elder Leke for finding my boss Dr. Idris Omede worthy enough to serve as his running mate despite the clouds before him in the ongoing negotiation.

I personally expect that this mandate will settle the scores of the East and Central as a Reign of the West for all Kogites regardless of the differences in tongue and faith, particularly in a homogeneous State like Kogi where whatever happens to a man should also be a concern to his neighbor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an agenda for Kogites. LEKOME’23 is the deal.

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