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Our attention has been drawn to an article with the below headlines “Power Rotation: ADC, Abejide, Don’t Mess with Our Collective Destiny” by one faceless Angulu Muhammed Tanko.

The writer in his own wisdom “X -ray” what he thought is the “ADC spread and Strength” as well as “Dino, PDP, Structure and Strength”.

We ordinarily wouldn’t have mind the lies concocted in the jaundiced write up, safe for the fact that the writer went out of his way to speak about our principal, Hon. Leke Abejide and his party, ADC.

A thorough view of the write up shows that it was more of the biblical “Voice of Jacob, hand of Esau” phenomenal. Whatever it may be, and in order not to allow lies sticking too longer to be mistaken for truth, we deem it fit to reply the writer’s and his sponsorer of their unhealthy utterances.

The writer and his sponsors without common sense spoke about ADC as a regional party in Kogi. They also went on to say that the party has no strength. To them, the PDP holds the glory of a credible opposition in the Western Senatorial district, and Kogi at large.

It is either Angulu (if that is his real name) and his sponsorer are living in self denial or beclouded by the lost glory of the People’s Democractic party in Nigeria, lest of all places, Kogi or Western Senatorial district.

Let us remind them that the primary that produced the PDP candidate has been adjudged as the worst in the history of the state. Not only that the delegates list was tinkered with, the party supposedly winner has also been dragged to court over the primary. Worst of all, the Congress has led to Exodus of all the important stakeholders of the party in the state, expecially the candidate kinsmen. Let us list but few to awake the writer and his sponsorer from their political slumber: 1. Hon. Philip Orebiyi, a former House of Assembly member from Yagba West; Hon. Shola Ojo, a former House of Representatives member and party bigwig; Hon. Alfred Bello – a former House of Assembly member from Kabba/Bunu and state Treasurer of the party, Hon. Sam Abeneme – former commissioner for Water resources and State Deputy Chairman, Hon. Delex from Mopa, three Assembly candidates in the last election…the list is endless. So where is the structure?.

Even the blind can see that the PDP after it’s Congress has become almost empty while the ADC is filling up everyday to the brim by lovers of democracy who are decamping and recamping with the party because of the candidate, Elder Leke Abejide.


It is obvious that the writer and his sponsors are hiding behind one finger. The political fortune of PDP in the state has dwindled to the last point. A party that control 100 percent of all elective position in 2007 has moved to the 3rd in line. At present, ADC holds two House of Representatives seat and one State Constituency (and at the verge of reclaiming one other mandate) the PDP has only one House of Representatives seat – where is the strength then. One continued to wondered- WHERE IS PDP IN KOGI NOW?.

For strength, the last general election has shown vividly that the candidate of a party is the strength of the party. For those who thought Labour Party has no spread or strength, today will think twice seeing that the presidential candidate of the party recorded votes even where it was lest expected.

Most of the electorates will be interested in the character of whom they should give their votes to. Let us save them their time and show a cue of the candidates of PDP and ADC for the guber election


The characters of each of the candidates is a reflection of what the outcome of the election will be. For Hon. Leke, his good wills, unparalleled antecedent performance as Reps members and the good name he has garnered will speak for him at the appropriate time – same will also speak for the PDP candidate who has demonstrated unbridled tongue, diarrhea mouth and sexual recklessness over the years.

Apart from the image shattering of the PDP candidate, it was conspicuously disappointing that the major PDP stakeholders openly admitted that their guber Congress was nothing but a disaster.

It is obvious to any keen watcher of politics that with the PDP flagbearer, Dino Melaye, the party is heading for a calamitous disaster that could be liken to the Tsunamic incident in Asia. It is already clear that with the last election, the foot print of PDP has already been swept off in Kogi State. The misfortunes that trails PDP in the last election both at Federal and state level means PDP has missed its track for good. As if that was not enough, the PDP in a manner of suicide conducted a Congress openly clothed in rigging attires, power wading ego and staking of wits to outsmart better candidate for controversial laden Dino Melaye to emerged.

Lovers of democracy in Nigeria and beyond the shore of the country already knows that things have fallen apart for both the PDP and it’s candidate in Kogi. The umbrella is already over stressed and torn to pieces. No miracle can patch the PDP umbrella in Kogi. Even the governor who is trying to install his stooges in APC laughed openly when he heard that Dino was the PDP candidate – it is as bad as that.

If only the sponsored writer has any modicons of common Sense, he would have sticked to the business of giving false hope to his paid master rather than dabbled in the affairs of others. Let us wait till the election time and see what the outcome will be. If there is anybody who should toe the part of honour – if he still have any honour left in him, is the PDP candidate. He should beg his party and constituency, take a quick bow and leave the stage for real contestant – The Kogi State Governorship race is not for jester or pretenders.

Dino Melaye Daniel has grows the necessary detachment from his little political fortunes that every successful politician needs.

With joy we want to tell Kogites, that the big masquerade is still coming; once he reached the arena, every other smaller masquerades will pave way – Hon. Leke Abejide is the big masquade and he will soon take the centre stage in his quest to liberate the state from its present maladministration. The rescue mission is on and strong!


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