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The African Democratic Congress ADC governorship candidate in Kogi State, Hon. Leke Abejide paid the Bishop of Lokoja Diocese the visit to familiarize with him and also express his intent of becoming the next governor of Kogi State come November, 2023.

In the courtesy visit with Hon. Leke Abejide were, Barr. Shola Ojo, Dr. Bolu Femi, Dr Femi Klimsman and the State Chairman of ADC Mr. John Adaji.
Abejide met with Most Revd.Martin Dada Abejide Olorunmolu, Catholic Bishop of Lokoja Diocese who he described as a man after God’s own heart, who has dedicated his life to the service of God and mankind, and Chancellor  Fr. Okafor through a meeting conveyed by Catholic Social Forum  coordinator Mr Adeyemi Dare Michael. 

Abejide in his remarks acknowledged the good works of the Most Rev.Bishop of the Diocese and his commitment to the services of God.

Fr. Okafor received Hon. Leke Abejide stating that even though this is the first time the Diocese is meeting with him, a lot have been heard and said about him, especially what he has been doing for the people of Yagba Federal Constituency and how he has contributed immensely to development, although I have to say this, Catholic Diocese is a Church of God that is not political, we embrace everyone as much as that you are an exceptional man and the Bishop is delighted to meet you.

He describe Abejide as a leader whose vision is broad and whose hands are large enough to embrace everybody.

The Most Revd. Martin Dada Abejide Olorunmolu, said during the courtesy visit that most of the things being said of Hon. Abejide were all interesting things that a good Christian should poses and he is most delighted to meet him, importantly he heard of the WAEC payment and how he has promised to extend it to all the public secondary schools in Kogi State.

The Most Reverend Bishop agreed with CFS Coordinator Mr. Adeyemi Dare Micheal, who described the ADC governorship candidate as a “White Angel” that stands for Purity, sent by God to deliver and rescue the people of Kogi State.

The Bishop stated that in Catholic Diocese the Church as always remain neutral when it comes to politics but give avenue for politicians to come around.

“It is our tradition to meet, interact, pray always that God will bring someone that will lead the good people of Kogi State to that prosperous promise land and to also express solidarity with ourselves and those who are ready to serve the interest of the masses. We are the voice of the people. Our voice is a prophetic voice. When we see where things are good, we say it exactly the way it is and where things are bad, we say it so also.

“It is part of our prayer that God should give the state a governor that will serve in the interest of all in fairness irrespective of religion and ethnicity, a man that will be for all both Christians and Muslims including people who don’t have believes, we know that God has raise your to deliver this generation”. He said.

Hon. Abejide, received prayers from the Most Revd. Bishop while Barr. Shola Ojo the Director of Campaign Leke/Omede for Governor 2023 in his remarks thanked the Most Revd. Bishop of the Diocese and Fr. Okafor for their warm welcome and for standing by the people of the state through thick and thin, stating that the Leke/Omede team are the ones God has sent and he desires the support of the Church and prayer for them to win and restructure Kogi State.

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