Theresa Williams Foundation to address domestic violence against women in Africa, Caribbean through WAVE-Network

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…As 1 in 3 Women Face Abuse in Their Lifetime

The Theresa Williams Foundation (TWF) said its launching a groundbreaking new initiative that will address domestic violence against women.

The initiative titled Women Advocating Against Domestic Violence Everywhere (WAVE-Network) will be a robust platform designed for women aged 18 and above of African or Caribbean descent to champion the global cause of ending domestic violence across different cities and communities.

TWF provides lifesaving services to women and children survivors of domestic violence in London and Lagos, Nigeria.

According to the foundation, “Domestic abuse is a leading health concern for Black women, according to the Black Women’s Health Project. UN Women research from 2021 found that family members or intimate partners were responsible for 56% of all female homicides worldwide.

“The National Centre for Domestic Violence reports that the UK police receive a domestic violence call every 30 seconds. The UK National Domestic Violence Hotline states that 45.1% of Black women have allegedly suffered physical or sexual abuse or stalking by an intimate partner, compared to other ethnic groups where the percentage is below 30%. A 2019 survey by the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics reported that 30% of Nigerian women aged 15-49 have experienced physical violence, while a staggering 68% have encountered emotional or sexual abuse.

“Nigeria recorded 27,698 Sexual and Gender-Based Violence cases in three years. These alarming statistics are why the Theresa Williams Foundation is actively providing services to women and children of African and Caribbean descent.

“WAVE-Network is set to offer its members enriching opportunities, encompassing professional development programmes, access to innovative campaign funding, and invaluable mentorship opportunities. By nurturing and fostering a community of individuals with shared interests in social change, WAVE-Network is committed to equipping its members with the tools and resources necessary to achieve substantial progress in the ongoing fight against domestic violence and make a sustainable impact in the lives of women and girls.”

The Theresa Williams Foundation (TWF) is a certified, not-for-profit organisation in the United Kingdom working with a diverse group of passionate people to eradicate all forms of Violence Against Women and Children. With priority on Africans and Caribbeans from different communities living in London Boroughs and Lagos, Nigeria, they provide support services for specific ethnic, cultural, religious, and language needs necessary to manage a range of domestic abuse situations common in the communities.

Leveraging the power of collective action for lasting change, we collaborate with experts in counter-domestic and Gender-Based Violence to design solution-based training and events that educate women and girls on the early warning signs of domestic violence and sexual abuse, including bullying, coercive, and controlling behaviour. They continue to challenge the status quo and work towards a world where every woman and child can live without abuse.

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