RE: 2023 Kogi Governorship Election; Allow Hon Kuli To Breath, Let Him Makes His Impacts… Temitope Philip should stop his mischiefs

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(1 Timothy 5:13: At the same time they also learn to be idle, as they go around from house to house; and not merely idle, but also gossips and busybodies, talking about things not proper to mention.)

The above biblical reference rightly applied to one Temitope Philip who in his idle and obviously drunk state turned himself to an unwholesome interloper, meddling into a case that has no connection to him.

We would not have bothered to gratified him with a response safe for the fact that in his write up, published in Democracy Online on Tuesday, he addressed our principal as “Self acclaim supreme Lord of ADC from Yagba Federal Constituency.”

Our Principal, Hon. Leke Abejide has never acted as Lord. He has always display humility and is well at home with the old, young, wealthy, and poor. The people of Yagba has found him worthy as a true representative; and he commands respect and relate well with both young and old…even those well below is cadre.

For a very unpatriotic Temitope Philip who flapped his wing to be writing on behalf of ‘Concern Patriot of Yagba West’ shows that he is truely a certified busybody and mischief maker. And so it will be a complete time wasting if we dedicate our energy and valuable time responding to a drunk like him who can only see through the lense of fumes.

So, we only have one word for Temitope Philip and possible co-travelers like him, that they are threading the part of perdition. We advice they should go get a job, and engage in profitable venture rather than immersed themselves in a matters well beyond their comprehension.

Ibikunle Idowu alias Kuli himself if he’s reasonable will understand where and whom he should stand with at a time like this. A reasonable person will understand who stood by him in his days of rejection. He should search his soul, take a retrospect of how he got ADC ticket when APC rejected him at the late hours. Had he not gotten the ADC ticket, he won’t be in the Kogi House of Assembly, let alone becoming a principal officers.

He should also remembered that the mandate he holds is tenured, and subsequent elections will be conducted in Yagba and not government House. We know he as an Okun man, betterstill, a Yagba man for that matters, knows that Okun/Yagba people don’t forget easily. Oju lo pe si!

However, it will be better for Temitope Philip to stop his mischiefs. And as they say in our local palace: “Stop taking Panadol for someone’s headache.”

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