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The Attah Igala, His Royal Majesty (HRM), Alaji Mathew Opaluwa-Akpa11 has released the blessings of his ancestral stool on the governorship candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Leke Abejide and his deputy , Dr Idris Omede in his palace at Idah, the ancestral headquarters of Igala nation.

The ADC governorship candidate and his deputy, received the Royal Majesty’s blessings during a courtesy call at his palace on Wednesday with a fanfares.

Hon. Leke Abejide who was received by tumultuous crowd made a triumphant entry into Idah amidst pomp and pageantry,as his supporters were screaming loud of his praise to the admiration of the residents of the town who stood by the road sides in their hundreds to catch a glimpse on him and his deputy.

The entrance of Elder Leke Abejede and his deputy, Dr Omede Idris ignited the fire of excitement, joy and hope on the ancient town, right from Ibro Junction to the Palace, as it took more than an hour for his convoy to push through in a journey that supposed be less than three minutes to the palace.

According to a resident of Idah, Adama ldachaba, the street were taken over by overwhelming crowd who went into hysteria on sighting the ADC governorship candidate and his deputy in their motor- cades, shouting “Baba WAEC, Baba Asibiti”.

Different dancing groups were said to have graced the occasion with passion, displaying their artistic talent to the administration of all and to the joy of the kingdom.

The ADC governorship candidate told His Royal majesty that he is in the palace to receive his Royal blessings and to unveil his deputy who is a son of the soil to the land through him.

The Royal Majesty prayed for Hon. Abejide and his deputy ,wishing them well in their assignment.

Thereafter, the ADC candidate addressed his teeming party supporters , telling them that his Deputy, Dr Omede Idris was carefully selected as a result of his antecedents and pedigree by an eminent personalities of proving integrity through painstaking process.

The ADC candidate added that apart of Dr Omede Idris’ integrity, his political activity in the state stand him out amongst his political peers whose name were thrown up for selection in that position.

“My ambition was rekindled as a result of Dr Omede Idris’ overwhelming credentials in both his public and private life”, he said.

The ADC governorship candidate therefore urged the people of Igala nation to give him their support in order to put succour on the face of the suffering masses and liberate parents over school fees and prompt payments of WAEC fees to all final year students in the state, including ceding financial autonomy to all the local government areas in the state to perform its statutory responsibility.

“My resolve to pay WAEC fees for all the eligible students in the state has nothing to do with politics as the program has been scheduled to commence in October this year.

“I assured all the students of high institutions in the state that bursary and scholarships will take priority of my program, if given the nod to rule the state via November 11 governorship election”, he said.

Abejide added further that the bursary program would be reviewed upward, including scholarships and soft loans for students during our term in office and beyond, if God answer our prayers .

He further assured his teeming supporters that his administration would replicate the program of giving befitting vehicles to all the graded traditional rulers in the state in his first one year in office, if given the mandate .

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