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Hon. Leke Abejide, A Representative With The Difference.

Hon. Leke Abejide and his wife Chief Mrs Esther Abejide enjoyed a huge dose of  goodwill  from the good people of South East Yagba Development Association SEYDA as they hosted them to a dinner in honour of his re-election at the 2023 House of Representatives election.

The people of SEYDA expressed their genuine love and satisfaction towards the representation of Hon. Leke Abejide and his success at the poll as he emerged for the second time to represent the entire interest of the people of Yagba Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

The people of South East Yagba expressed that the member has written his name in gold, and have become a pride for the old and a source of inspiration for the youth. No wonder many want to identify with a performer like him who has made himself an instrument of development in Yagba through his representation. The eggheads esteem him, just as the hoi polloi venerate him.

Some of their goodwill messages noted that Abejide is the face the people want to behold, the name they want to utter and the man they want to follow based on his track record. No wonder he won his election with a landslide victory.

For the people of South East Yagba Development Association and the entire people of Yagba, Leke Abejide is a quintessential leader who deserves his second term victory.

Hon. Leke Abejide earned the love and support of the people he represents through his programs at the grassroots from Warc payment for all students without sentiment of where they hail from or their parents political parties to rehabilitation of roads, reaching out to the aged and widows and his mega empowerment programs all these  are the reason why they revere a leader but for Hon. Leke Abejide it is more because of his fairness, creative approach to governance, top-notch representation.

During his first term he ensured a creative approach to representation that shows a representative can do better through legislation and infrastructure, that is hard to equal. The South East Yagba Development Association SEYDA under the leadership of Amb. Sola Enikanolaye alongside the women wing of SEYDA led by Mrs Ebun Joel had hosted Hon. Leke Abejide to a dinner to celebrate his re-election victory to encourage him and also express how much the people of South East Yagba are proud of him as a representative with difference who has made Yagba an enviable Federal Constituency in Kogi state and Nigeria.

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