Edo Guber: 25yrs rotation agreement should be respected – Tom Iseghohi

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An aspirant under the platform of the Labour Party (LP) for the Edo State governorship election coming up in Semptember, Tom Iseghohi has indicated that even though he is not an advocate of zoning, the people of the state should respect the agreement entered into 25 years ago.

Iseghohi stated this while speaking to Journalists at the headquarters of the Party in Abuja after submitting his nomination and expression of interest forms

According to Iseghohi, with or without zoning, the Labour Party will take over Edo State because the people love the party and its ideology.

Iseghohi, who also disclosed how he will develop infrastructure in Edo State, said security is a major issue he will tackle if he emerged governor.

“We have massive security problems in Edo State. Without security no development. So, we are going to invest in security,” Iseghohi said, adding that as a known expert in capitalisation, he knows how to channel the resources of the state for the benefit of everyone.

“I am a known expert in capitalisation. That I will do for the benefit of Edo State. Within the first year, every local government will have an improved power.

“I am focusing on things that are practicable. I am going to make Edo State a logistics state,” Iseghohi said, adding that within the first three years, he will improve the infrastructure and create more jobs for the people, especially the youths who will now see it as unfashionable to move abroad.

“I will be creating power in major cities. Edo will be a good example for other state governments in Nigeria to emulate if I am voted in,” Iseghohi.

On the issue of zoning in the state, Iseghohi said he doesn’t believe in zoning but added that since the state has been practising zoning in the last 25 years, it is the turn for Edo central to produce the governor adding that he hails from Edo central.

“I don’t believe in zoning. However, we have three senatorial districts in Edo State. We have Edo North, Edo South and Edo Central. 25 years ago, a deal was struck for zoning and Edo North and South have done their teams. It is now the time of Edo Central which is the zone I came from.

“A contract is a contract. The contract should be completed for a central person to become governor. After that we can also look for another person. I happen to be from Edo central and I am the best to be the governor,” Iseghohi said.

Reacting on the issue of consensus in their party, the Labour Party, aspirant Iseghohi said he has called on other aspirants to collapse their structure and support his ambition.

“If they want consensus, I’ve called on other aspirants to collapse their structure and join me. One thing you will learn about me, I am someone who believes that the foundation of any country is the family unit.

“So, as I was thinking about what party to join in 2022 I decided on the Labour Party. But this journey started in 2022.
We started by trying to strengthen the family. The Labour Party ideology is 100 percent aligned with my ideology. The people of Edo believe in the Labour Party and we are going to take over the state,” Iseghohi added.

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