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– Calls for Kogites support for Governor

As the 8th National Assembly winds up, J.O. Abel-Ontop congratulates Hon. Leke Abejide as he concludes is one year tenure of four years as member representing Yagba Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives.

He said the performances of Abejide in his one tenure of four years makes it appear as though he is the first or only representative ever in the history of Yagba Federal Constituency or Nigeria.

He added in his statement that although arguably, Abejide is not only the most performing National Assembly member in Kogi State, but in Nigeria.

According to the statement from Abel-Ontop, Abejide’s love for his constituents and the general masses led him to perform the following but unlimited to these:

  • Annual payment of WAEC fees for all secondary school students in Yagba Federal Constituency since 2018.
  • Payment of 2022/23 WAEC fees for all secondary school students in his neighboring Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency.
  • Rehabilitation of Trunk B and Trunk C roads in Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Providing palliative measures for Trunk A (Mopa-Egbe-Ilorin) road in Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Opening up major Trunk C roads in Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Construction of about 400 capacity computer center in Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Provision of quarterly welfare support for over 8,000 widows in Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Provision of support for farmers in materials and cash.
  • Distribution of SUV vehicles to about 50 traditional rulers in Yagba Federal Constituency
  • Distribution of about 70 cars as support at empowerment to individuals across Yagba Federal Constituency
  • Distribution of over 100 motorcycles and tricycles as empowerment across Yagba Federal Constituency.
  • Support and empowerment for rural artisans and entrepreneurs alike
  • About 50 scholarships for higher institution students
  • Installation of over 500 solar-powered streetlights across Yagba Federal Constituency
  • Amongst Many

As a legislator, he is the Chairman House Committee on Customs and Excise, Hon. Leke Abejide, he achieved the following:

  • Oversight visits to all Customs Commands in the country with his committee.
  • A Bill sponsored by him was signed into Law by President Muhammadu Buhari – A Bill to repeal the Customs and Excise Management Act, Cap. C45, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and other Customs and Excise Legislation and Enacted the Nigeria Customs Service Act, 2022 to Provide for the Reform of the Administration and Management of Customs and Excise in Nigeria; and for Related Matters.

Motions raised by him are as follows:

  • Need to harmonise the issuance and sale of emblems and stickers on commercial motor vehicles throughout the country.
  • Need to urgently address the unabated daily kidnapping, killings, banditry and armed robbery along the Abuja-Lokoja-Kabba federal road.
  • Need to prioritize the payment of salaries, entitlements, and arrears of workers and pensioners in Kogi State.
  • Need to reverse the nigeria customs ban on the use of barges for the evacuation of containers and other cargoes to and from the ports.
  • Need to phase out unpainted taxis in the Federal Capital Territory transport system.
  • Need for the Central Bank of Nigeria to suspend the implementation of guidelines on the introduction of E-evaluator, and E-invoicing for imports and exports in Nigeria.
  • Need to audit, and reconcile receipts and remittances of custom duties and levies by collecting banks about customs area commands collections across the seaports, airports, land borders and bonded terminals.
  • Motion on the incessant and arbitral breach of Presidential directives on the suspension of top management of the Nigeria Social Investment Trust Fund (NSITF) and other government agencies by the ministers.
  • Need to resolve the debacle between the CBN Technical Committee on CISS and Adani Mega Systems Ltd hindering the take-off of the nigeria customs service e-customs modernisation project.
  • Need to declare a state of emergency on access roads to Apapa, Tincan Island, PTML, and Kirikiri Lighter Terminal Commands, and the need to investigate the lack of transparency on the transfer of technical know-how from Cotecna Destination Inspection Ltd to Global Scan Systems Ltd which led to the collapse of multimillion euro scanners at nigeria’s ports and border stations.
  • Need to invite the INEC Chairman to brief the House Committees on electoral matters and appropriation on the actual cost of direct primaries for possible consideration in the 2022 budget.
  • Urgent need for Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to develop mechanism to clean up its system of dead and fictitious registered voters.

“I congratulate you for the end of purposeful 1st tenure, and the beginning of a deserving 2nd tenure he added”, he added.

Abel-Ontop urge Kogites to support the Governorship aspiration of Abejide, added that he is the candidate with the best antecedent and track records amongst others.


  1. Michael Oludare Olorunpomi June 9, 2023 at 9:01 am

    These are very laudable and deserve commendation. Kudos for a good job done, to have sponsored and got ‘one’ bill passed and signed in four years with many motions. He’s actually not a bench warmer. If this is the best any legislator in that constituency has achieved it means those before him desire cane from their constituents. These (achievements) does not qualify him to be the best in Kogi State. Can anyone ever compare this with the achievements of Dino in multiple bills and motions (which is the main duty of legislator) presented and passed as Rep and Senator? Never!
    Abejide needs to still learn more as a legislator that God has given him the grace to continue and leave the stage for Dino, the more qualified who can handle the white lion and its cohorts. Abejide should not play a destructive game-card that can again deny Kogi West of achieving her desire of getting the governorship seat in this November. If he does, generations unborn will not forgive him.
    I again repeat, if our political leaders in Kogi West could forgive Yahaya Bello in 2019, stepping down and voting for him, Dino deserves more now. Let’s bitterness die now in Kogi West.


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