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By comrade sikiru olusegun.

Rt. Hon. Leke Abejide is a man with a deep commitment to his constituents and a passion for education. This commitment and passion are rooted in his personal background and life experiences.

Before being elected, Rt. Hon. Leke Abejide has been a tireless advocate for education, pushing for increased funding for schools and working to improve access to education.

Rt. Hon. Leke Abejide’s passion for education is reflected in his achievements in the House of Representatives. He has championed legislation to expand access to schooling, improve teacher training, and increase resources for public schools. He has also worked to establish partnerships with the private sector and international organizations to bring innovative educational initiatives to kogi state.

His work has had a measurable impact on the lives of the people he represents, and he is recognized as a leader in education reform in Nigeria.

Abejide’s dedication to improving the lives of his constituents through education is an inspiration, his dedication to education is part of a broader vision for his constituents and kogi state. He believes that education is the key to unlocking the potential of the people and transforming the economic and social landscape of Nigeria.

He sees education as a way to combat poverty, inequality, and other social ills, and he is committed to ensuring that all children in his constituents have access to a quality and free education.

His decision to continue paying the WAEC fees for students from private schools, even after the government of Kogi state took over the responsibility, highlights his unwavering commitment to education and his constituents.

After realizing that students from private schools were unable to take advantage of the government’s initiative for public schools, he took action to address this inequity by announcing that he would pay the WAEC fees for all students from private schools in Yagba Federal Constituency, which he had completed the payments across his constituents.

This decision demonstrated his commitment to providing equal access to education, regardless of a student’s socioeconomic background.

This year marked the sixth consecutive year of this initiative, which has been a tremendous success. He has shown that it is possible to make a real difference, even when the odds are stacked against you.

His work is not without challenges, but he has shown a remarkable ability to overcome obstacles and achieve results.

He has established programs to support farmers, improve access to healthcare, and provide microloans to small businesses. His dedication to this cause has not gone unnoticed.

We are all deeply grateful to Rt. Hon. Leke Abejide for his commitment to his constituents and his dedication to making a positive difference in the world. May we all be inspired by his example and find ways to give back to our communities.

Thank you, for leading the way and showing us what is possible when we work together for the greater good. Your legacy will live on in the lives of those you have touched.

God bless the born leader of kogi state Rt.Hon Leke Abejide.
God bless kogi state.
Comrade sikiru olusegun.

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