Withdraw all cases from court – BoT tells Kogi ADC warring factions

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The African Democractic Congress (ADC) Board of Trustees (BoT) is to wade into the internal wrangling presently rocking the party in Kogi State.

According to a member of the board (For West), Shola Adebola said the BoT is not scared to confront the actors in the crisis to get them to toe the path of peace.

Adebola said that the outcome of the BoT’s scheduled emergency meeting will handle the issue of the suspended chairman of the party in Kogi and others involved in the crisis.

Adebola said: “We have watched with keen interest the internal wrangling presently working out in our Kogi State chapter. As Board of Trustees, we can no longer folds our hands and allow it degenerate into a full blown crises that may upset our recent political fortune in the state.

“We have also noticed, that an issue which ordinarily is and should be tackled by the party has been hijacked by external forces in the Kogi State government House who has now turned the suspended chairman, Kingsley Ogga to their puppet. We are well aware that Kingsley Ogga has been put- up in the government house, and move around the state with full heavily guarded security vehicles.

“The motive of the state government is well known to us – they are afraid that the ADC will upset them in the next government following their abysmal performance in office.

“As BOT, we now advices all warring factions to maintain status quo ante while we step in and resolve the issues involved. Let all parties involved in litigation revert to party mechanism to settle their grievances rather than seeking “Jankara’ methods.

“As a party, we cannot avoid to throw away our electoral fortunes not even now that the state is going into a major governorahip election. The electorates are looking up to us to rescue them from the hand of oppressor; since the ruling party APC and other opposition parties has squandered their good wills.

“The issue of the flagbearer for the party has been settled on Friday in the Direct primary conducted by the national body which was won by Hon. Leke Abejide. On this, no ANY other person should parade himself/herself as a candidate using the name of the party. Only the National body as the statutory rights to conduct primary.

“Politics is full of ups and down and a party like ours that is growing speedily will at some point encounter misunderstanding, but we have all it takes in this party to resolve that matter.

“So, we shall come in there as the conscience of the party to resolve the issue. Let all those fanning the ember of discord in the party should stop forthwith.”

“Meanwhile, all media War should be suspended to calm all nerves”

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