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Those were the words of chief Samuel ADEBOLA (GADAFI) today when he appeared on a live chat with members of #istandwithlekeabeji 4 governor, one of the support groups created for ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE governorship aspirations.

Chief Gadafi, as he is popularly called, who is also the BOT CHAIRMAN OF AFRICAN DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (ADC) and the chief of staff to ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE , said when ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE becomes the Governor of kogi state, the will be an end to unpredictable monthly salary and unimplemented promotions.

He also said, while answering some of the questions thrown at him, that, Elder Leke Abejide has vowed, when elected governor of kogi state, to grant local government Authorities self accounting status and put an end percentage salary and redundancy.

Chief ADEBOLA GADAFI, said, Elder leke Abejide programs in okunland does not know the people benefiting from the programs background, or whether they Rich or poor, kogites or not, nor party affiliation. The programs according to chief Gadafi are simply rain from heaven.

He pleading for support to enable chief Leke Abejide to achieve that age long ambition to rescue kogi from the shackles of stagnation and underdevelopment.

You can follow #istandwithlekeabejide 4 governor via the link below ?


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