Unity Campaign Network Launches Campaign For Leke/Omede 2023.

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The leader of Unity Campaign Network Engr. Ashiru A. Segun as launched a massive sensitization and campaign for Hon. Leke Abejide and Dr. Idris Omede, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) governorship candidate and his running mate ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial election in Kogi State. Engr. Ashiru while holding a strategic meeting with the ward executives of African Democratic Congress (ADC) ward I and II of Ife-Olukotun wards applauded their responsiveness and energetic out put in the last election, he also charged them not to be weary because what is ahead is more tasking and the need to support our own without entertaining fear. Engr. Ashiru Segun who was later received shortly after the meeting by a large gathering of residents, youths, women and men, noted that he came on a sensitization visit and to launch the campaign of Leke/Omede 2023. While addressing the groups, he affirmed that Abejide and ADC is not new, but it is pertinent that the Unity Campaign Network for Leke/ Omede 2023 to reach out to the people, most importantly to sensitize and campaign to them on why they need to vote massively for Abejide of ADC based on what he has been doing, he deserves to be the next governor of Kogi State considering his records and what he has to offer the people of Kogi State. ” Leke Abejide is a standard for good governance, and I want you to known emphatically that Hon. Abejide is very much in the race and has not stepped down for anyone. “To enjoy what government and governance means which encompass the values of humanity then Abejide is the answer, therefore, in return for our votes Leke Abejide is the best candidate to save Kogi State, he is on a rescue mission to salvage Kogi state from maladministration. “Leke Abejide remains the reference point for good governance, statesmanship, he has the diplomacy, conflict resolution and prudent management attributes so save the state and make sure the resources of the state is beneficial to the people if voted for to become the governor of Kogi State. It will be a monumental failure if we don’t support and vote for Leke/Omede. “His vision is to build a prosperous , inclusive and sustainable state that will resonate the yearnings of the people irrespective of tribe, ethnicity and religion.. “There is hunger in the land, the famine is in two forms, some candidates are being hungered now of your votes, while they have starved the people of their wages and development which has also caused more hunger. This is the time to prove that we are not a conquered people. “Whoever brings rice, money and other inducement take it from then but remember we know where we are going. Although this is not enough to pay for the misery we have experienced as a people in the last 7 years especially from the government of the day”. Engr. Ashiru made known that the only solution at hand is to collectively speak by voting massively and supporting Leke/Omede of the  Rescue Mission. He announced the donation of food items and monetary donations for all the residents, groups and associations present at the meeting. Party leaders at the event were, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Chief Adeboye, Pastor Ogbonaiye, Alhaji Alikma, Pensioners, Widows, Farmers Youths, Artisans, Women and Men, amongst others.

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