Senator Smart Adeyemi, the Last Man Standing in the Quest for A Justice.

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Time and again issues that affect nations and tribe arise and treat same as a communal challenge. But more often than not is the inability of the pepole so conjoined on a quest for communal solution to achieve the desired respite so sought. But the efforts of each players while the struggle subsisisted usually outlive the time. Their gallantry is often told to posterity, of the efforts of those who stood valiantly in the defence of what they believed ought to be, this reinforces my conclussion that Senator Smart Adeyemi’s effort at correcting the highandedness of Governor Yaya Bello of Kogi State as well as the political marginalization of the Kogi West people, was never an effort in futility. In fact it surpasses the nuisance value that people of frail minds would naturally think.
Undeniably, It is the communal quest of the Kogi west people to occupy the highest seat in the confluence state and this ambition precedes even the advent of Distinguished Senator Smart to the political Arena of Kogi State. However, same quest has over the time recieved several blows and set backs, partly by the usual desire of every incubent to be survived by a person of his tribe and mainly by the circumventive activities of Okun’s begotten bastards who in most cases would sell thier right for a mossel of poridge; and who in their twisted wisdom would always display their propencity for betrayal of a cause, however lofty or noble.
So came the APC gubernatorial primaries for the Nobember 11 gubernatorial election, the governor in his official stupour and nepotism infested confidence decided to shut out every other contestants for the coveted position and tactlessly imposed his relatively unknown tribesman as the party flagbearer. The manner with which governor got Ododo the ticket resulted in several counter reactions with Mr Muri Ajaka opting to leave the party and sought his legal right to contest in the Social Democratic Part (SDP). But Senator Smart Adeyemi decided to stay in the party as a progressive and instead sought remedy via litligation after an attempt of the party’s appeal committee was not hapherzadly handled.
The whole garmut of litigation has now come and gone with the court in its widom validating Ododo’s momination but the statement of Senator Adeyemi has been audible enough and reverberates in the consciousness of the mischief makers that the Kogi West people are not cowards who will take percieved injustive without protest, that the Kogi west people are committed to clinching the number one position of the state but will do this within the ambit of the law. To this end, Smart Adeyemi deserves all the acollades due to a hero in the ilk of the unrelenting Kurunmi, a generalismo committed to achieving betterness for his people against all odds, a selfless leader.
JKO Movement for Justice, Fairness and Equity

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