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Our attention was drawn to the above-mentioned subject matter credited to the one Fanwo Kingsley a spoke person of outgoing kogi state government .
Ordinarily no serious minded person would waste his precious time dignifying the person or the office of mr Kingsley Fanwo known for verbal leakages since he took on the jobs as spoke man of inglorious and sunk regime in the last seven and half years .
Let us begin with his near empty, brain assessment of our principal Hon Leke Abejede political trajectory in the last six years, especially in the Western senatorial districts where Kingsley fanwon hails from.
Hon Leke Abejede has in the last four years as member House representatives in the National Assembly as a representative of the good people of yagba federal constituency changed the face of representations in governance by given back to his constituency dividend of democracy in all ramifications from health care delivery, road reconstruction/ rehabilitation , Human capital development and of course payments of WAEC f and JAMB fees a feat even the state government has recognised and applauded through partnership with the ministry of education in the state.
These programmes are designed and carried out by a member of House of representative not minding that it was the responsibility of the state government which the sunk government has failed the people of the state since its inglorious outing in the last seven years in saddle of the affairs of the state .
How can a clawless regime head equally with a never wrecking person like Governor Yahaya Bello, whose government has become a nightmare to the good people kogi state.
It’s on record that kogi state government has a law enacted by the law makers mandating the executive arm of the state government to pay weac fees for all SS 11 students in public institutions in the state a policy simply abandoned by this inglorious government and the good leader who has provided leadership and succour to the suffering masses, parents has become an enemy of the state government.
Does Kingsley fanwon have any iota of the pain the people of kogi state have been subjected to while the Yahaya Bello led bunch holdsway in the affairs of the state?
Hon Elder Leke Abejede has suddenly become a nightmare to the regime of APC in the state because of hus towering performance and personality simply bcuz the outgoing has failed in its duties to the people of the state.
One wondered between the government of Yahaya Bello and Elder Leke Abejed, who feats into the description of jester in leadership when compared put in perspective the responsibility bestowed on both men and the results.
Elder Leke Abejede has on record been responsible for over eight thousand widows welfare and ten thousand youths who direct beneficiaries of this humble representative on monthly basis and has never made it public unlike the clueless government of Yahaya Bello who has turned himself into a Tyrant in the service of the state .
Yahaya Bello needs to come and learn from Elder Leke Abejede what leadership entails so that he could have elements of peace within his own executive Council.
For the records, Elder Leke Abejede came into partisan politics about five years ago and within this short time has made a significant difference in delivery of democracy dividend to the good people of yagba federal constituency a feat that was rewarded with a second term in the office seamlessly. Can GYB lay claimed to a seamless return to a second term in office. Kogite were subjected to all manner of electioneering violence all in his bid to return to power in 1999 Governorship election.
Again our people have good memories on his prolonged suffering of the state public servants humiliating screening exercise a policy that brought kogi state public servants to its knees. As if that was not enough even those who managed to scaled through his draconian policies have remained.


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