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The approval of another State University to be established in Okunland by the Yahaya Bello led Executive council is a cheering news to us. Even though it’s been greeted with mixed feeling in many quarters in view of the timing and sustainability.

But for us in Leke Abejide Campaign Organization, we appreciate governor Yahaya Bello for this intention even though it is belated.

No doubt, establishing a state University in Okunland is an anticipated answer to the request of sons and daughters of OKUN Land. This is something that is dear to the people of OKUN Land, so the gesture is commendable though long over due.

While we commend the gesture, it is however scary that the proposal is coming at the tail end of the governor’s administration. It is more scary as it is perceived as an injury -time ‘proposal’ lased with political overtures for a people the same governor denied all his previous promises of ensuring powershift to their zone.

The proposed State University in Okunland would have been taking seriously if it has happened the same time the Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) kicked off in Osara, the governor Senatorial district.

However, we demands for the immediate execution of the proposal to show sincerity on the part of the governor. His intents should be taking beyond election and political rhetoric as the issue at stake is more than political statement.

Not that the Kogi West is perturbed if he failed to mark his word with action, afterall, Prince Abubakar Audu came and established Kogi State University in Anyigba, Eastern flank; and Yahaya Bello came and established CUSTECH in Osara, Central zone; so, if University is needed in OKUN Land, certainly an OKUN man in government House will decide better – no one can scrape a man’s hair in his absence.

We also urged the state government to outline quickly how the university will be sustianed. Already, there is a huge pressure on the welfare of the local government workers where 7 percent of their allocations are deducted monthly to sustained seven tertiary institutions in the state – Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba; Confluence University, Osara; University College of Education, Ankpa; Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja; Kogi State Polytechnic Extention, Itakpe; College of Nursing, Obangede; College of Education Technical, Kabba; a development that continue to pauperise our council workers. At present, Confluence University is principally run by local government deductions puting the indigenes in abject poverty, while the existing Prince Abubakar Audu university, Anyigba is poorly funded.

Funding challenge of four state Universities at the same time may reduce the institution to mere glorified secondary schools. We thought that the governor would have decentralized the Prince Abubakar Audu University into three with one Vice Chancellor; i.e: College of Medicine in Ayingba, School of Engineering in Osara and Facaulty of Social sciences and Environmental in Okunland.

However the case maybe, weather the intention is genuine or the political gimmick that the governor has sprung at many times, we want to state categorically and in bold letter that NOTHING WILL STOP THE QUEST OF AN OKUN MAN BECOMING THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE IN JANUARY 2024.

The Liberation quest and rescue mission of Hon. Leke Abejide remained sacrosanct. OUR MUMU DON DO!

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