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IT’S quite unlike us at the campaign headquarters of LEKE/OMEDE to issue a statement to beer parlor originated gutter imaginations. However, due to the weighty nature of the fabricated lie by a ghostly ozovehe Mohammed of a none existing African youth initiative, a clarification is needed.

We all know the trade in stock of the PDP candidates when it comes to lies, propaganda and ill conducts that are not acceptable in sane society.

They believe that, the best form of defense is to attack. But, we at African Democratic Congress and the LEKE/OMEDE CAMPAIGN COUNCIL have a tradition which is; grassroot politics which goes beyond Party affiliation and are very hard working. So while others believed in manipulating people’s sense of judgement through lies and streets miscreancies , and display of bad boy mien, we at ADC allows our achievement do the talking.

The PDP propaganda unit in the ongoing campaign for their candidate has once again shot themselves on the foot. And further dented the image of the candidate they so much desire to dry clean.

It’s unimaginable to even think about planting ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE into a contest many believed is a major challenger.

LEKE ABEJIDE does not play politics of brigandory and open confrontation with the leadership of a nation as personified by his closeness to ASIWAJU BOLA TINUBU as against Dino melaye, the PDP candidate who has denigrated the president many times in the past, and had sort many ways to make peace with him now because of his ambition.

It’s an open secret too that Elder Leke Abejide worked and supported President Bola Tinubu during the last presidential election. Thus, seeing him at the corridor of power is an additional grace he intends to put in use to attract development to kogi state when he becomes the governor of kogi state.

It’s also sheer balderdash to opined criminally that ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE is working day and night just to step down for Ododo, the proxy and stooge of the current governor who have performed woefully and retarded the development of the state for 8years.

Like we said, Dino and his propaganda machine has failed yet again to manufacture an acceptable lie targeted at the ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE in the presence of the innocent people of kogi state.

Elder Leke Abejide is not a puppet in the hand of anybody, neither is he planning to step down for anyone. He is neither a stooge working for APC.

We call on the well meaning people of kogi state to ignore such ugly and irresponsible tirades PDP and their candidate are known for.

ELDER LEKE ABEJIDE is the leading candidate for the governorship election in kogi state and he remains undaunted.


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