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TO say because Hon Faleke Abiodun met and entered into alliance with Gov. Yahaya Bello to support GYB third term arrangement , Elder Leke Abejide should step aside, is nothing but ignorance of history.

The fact, remains that the 8years privileged governance by Alh. Yahaya Bello wouldn’t have been, but for the untimely death of late Abubarkar Audu.

How it came about and the subsequent events are not our concern here, but to point out the indelible facts about the genesis of the relationship of Elder Leke Abejide and Abiodun Faleke.

Both honourable members worked assiduously for the emergence of president Tinubu and both of them belongs to the Tinubu political family. They are both house of representatives members that equally shares the same political ideology. As a senior colleague, Elder Leke Abejide respects Hon Faleke and still does, but everyone of them runs a separate political movement.

The decision of Hon Faleke Abiodun to Align with Gov. Yahaya Bello is a personal decision taken with reasons best known to him. But it will by no means have any negative backlash on the propensity and the well articulated ambition of Elder Leke Abejide to break the very jinx that denied Faleke becoming governor of kogi state eight years ago.

It is a kogi state backed decision, and had never been an agenda base on individual arrangement.

Four years ago, the same yahaya Bello had an alliance with Faleke to hand over power to him in 2023, in exchange for his support, just as he had promised sen. Echocho to hand over to an igala man after his eight years. To both promises, he reneged. He got elected and fooled them.

It’s rather disheartening to see the same scenario unfolding again exactly the way it was four years ago, by equally promising Faleke the jejune promise of handing over to him in four years time. Nobody is fooled by this facades of lies that had been well established in yahaya Bello government, definitely not any right thinking kogi man.

Mehmet Murat ildam, a political activist once said, ” throughout history, a wrong decision made by the majority has never created anything right, on the contrary, it has caused wrong doing to aggravate and accelerate the collapsed to the bottom. If you ask me if there’s an exception to this in history, NO”. Faleke Abiodun decision to Align with Gov yahaya Bello is strictly personal and base on individual ambition and not base on group or the interest of the state. The late Abubarkar Audu/Faleke movement had since disintegrated due to wrong decision by the leadership.

The foot soldiers had disassociate themselves from the decision, so are strong forces like, OLUMOROTI, OLOWOJOLA, DARE MAYEGUN, BARR. DELE SURU and many others.

Indeed, Germany Kent once advised against that, ” utilize caution and patience in decision making because temporary wrong decisions Can bring you a life time of hurt and pain”!

Today, the decision of Sen. Dino MELAYE to Ally with this same master of deceptive game eight years ago is being used against him, surprisingly by Faleke Abiodun loyalist across the state and okun people who felt shortchanged by that singular decision of Sen. Dino. Ironically, our own Faleke Abiodun is falling for the same trap. Eight years from now when he, Faleke Abiodun will be around 69years, people of Kogi state will call him to question and that’s what Germany Kent advised above.

Elder Leke Abejide is a political enigma that has been enjoying tremendous followership in kogi state. His ambition has metamorphosed into a political movement far above ordinary perception of human mind. By GOD’S Grace, He is destined to rule kogi state. Kogits see in him a jinx breaker and not curse accelerator. When fate and destiny resonates, it explodes into manifestation of rare accomplishment.

We are thus not distracted, but focused, even if an insignificant edge is broken off.


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