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The Sunday Karimi, All Progressives Congress, Kogi West Campaign Organization has described the outcome of last Saturday’s National Assembly elections held in the district as the representation of the will, wishes and aspirations of the people of Kogi West.

The Campaign organization made the disclosure while reacting to the People’s Democractic Party, PDP, condemnation of the result of the exercise.

The Kogi West PDP had on Tuesday in Abuja had avvered that the Senatorial election was “conjured” by INEC.

But the APC in their reaction on Wednesday tbrough the DG Campaign, David Aiyedogbon said the foul cry of the PDP over the Senatorial election was the last kick of a dying horse, “The last weekend’s National Assembly Election held across the district was the most freest and credible elections the district has ever witnessed.

“We praised the innovations, particularly the use of technology by the Independent National Electoral Commission as what made the elections credible. We expressed our satisfaction with the use of the BVAS technology, which allowed the wishes of the people of Kogi West Senatorial District to prevail.

“The positive attestations and remarks by the National and domestic observers that witnessed the election, attested to it (election) fairness and credibility as unprecedented.”

Continuing, “The PDP has proven to be a bad losers in an election adjudged as one that met maximum adherence to democratic and electoral norms. We urge the PDP to accept the defeat as one that was well deserved in view of the preparations, capacity and acceptability of Hon. Karimi and join hands with the APC in building a virile Kogi West Senatorial District.”

Aiyedogbon also hailed the people for their orderly conduct that has continued to elicit commendations from across the State for their peaceful democratic conduct.

“We urged the opposition PDP to in the spirit of sportsmanship, without shame of the defeat that hit them, accept the collective wishes of the people of Kogi West as displayed on Saturday 25th February, 2023 as a choice of light over darkness made by the people.

“It is quite unfortunate that the opposition PDP, having signed the results, accepted the outcome of the election, with their campaign Director General, Hassan Salau calling to congratulate Hon. Karimi on the victory, to turn back and relocated to Abuja, with the intent to maliciously undermine the collective wish of the people of Kogi West with unsubstantiated claims and allegations.

“Beginning from Yagba West to Kotonkarfe. The People of Kogi West were unanimous in the choice of the APC Senator Elect, Hon. Sunday Karimi. His antecedents as a two time former lawmaker, with impacts that has remained lasting on the minds of the people, served as the impetus that made hundreds of the people of Kogi West electorate to identify with his Senatorial aspirations.

“The massive turnout of electorate culminated in the highest number of votes scored by Hon. Karimi at the polls, remain a watershed, only serves as payback time for good ideas and product, made Hon. Karimi to win in all the seven LGAs of the district”

“While we have for the umpteenth time repeatedly before the poll shouted it aloud and clear that Kogi West is APC, the antecedents, legacies, positive impacts and the quality traits of Hon. Sunday Karimi to make himself accessible and in fulfilling promises served as the elixir that made the people vote for him overwhelmingly”.

“We wish to therefore use this medium to urge the opposition PDP to bury their heads in shame, accept their defeat in good faith, as the candidature of Hon. Karimi is an idea who’s time has come and made his victory unstoppable. In all intent and purposes, the emergence of the Senator Elect would no doubt open up a new frontiers of socio economic development which the people of Kogi West had long clamoured for.

“We also called on the good people of Kogi West to disregard the verbal virtuperation of the PDP and its candidate from crying over split milk, especially when they have no explanations to justify the dollars spent in trying to induce voters which didn’t yield results. Hon. Sunday Karimi represents the wishes and aspirations for a prosperous Kogi West which will be achieved through effective and quality legislation that he will be bringing to the National Assembly.”

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