KOGI guber: Give Banji Jimoh Your Party ticket – Kogi West Youth Beg APC

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…says Jimoh is an answer to new Kogi State

A coalition of youth group in Kogi West has called on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to field Distinguished Banji Jimoh, a seasoned banker as the party’s flag bearer in the forthcoming APC Kogi State Governorship primary election.

In a statement signed through the groups Presidents and Secretaries and made available to newsmen in Lokoja described Distinguished Banji Jimoh as a detribalised Nigeria who has all it takes in Exposure, Connection and results Orientation to lead Kogi State to reclaim her lost glory.

“There come a time in the life of a state, when her past needed to be retrospectively and conscientiously reviewed. Her present, judiciously assessed and re-appraised and her future illuminated by experiences and historical precedence”.

“In the case of Kogi State, everyone agrees we need the calibre and person of DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH to occupy the seat of power at Lugard House, Lokoja, based on his antecedent and wealth of experience”

The statement equally indicated that Distinguished Banji Jimoh is a man with a large heart and one who understand the plights of the people of Kogi State. A man who is results oriented, a man who is highly connected, a man who is known and called a goal getter who understand all methods in solving rising challenges.

“There is no better time than now. The time to give hap to our past that have been rendered hapless, help to our helpless present and hope to our future that seemed hopeless”.

As we advance into the 2023 Kogi State Governorship election, there is the absolute need:-
* To ensure the full benefit of our state sovereignty based on popular verdict, justice, fairness and rules of law.

  • To create enabling socio- political environment for men with high integrity, one who has the love of the people at heart and one who rush swiftly to the defense of his people whenever the need arises.
  • The need to build a dynamic economy egalitarian society strong and united Kogi State worthy of our dream.
  • And the imperative need to move our great and beloved Kogi State into the mainstream of global socio political relevance and norms. As to ensure our fundermental placement in the committee of states regarding our expected roles in Nigeria and the world at large.

We of the Kogi For Good Governance(KFGG), Kogi For A Better Tomorrow (KFBT) and Kogi West Unite For Good Governance(KWUFGG) a collaborative platform of youth organizations and other interest based groups united for the promotion and actualization of DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH for Governor of our beloved Kogi State come 2024 are of the catalyst for the realization of these imperative needs is predicated upon the unity, peace, security and stability of our beloved Kogi State.

Above all the sincere realization that the people of this State are the sole custodians of power and its instrument.

“We want to make it known to the good people of Kogi State that there is no senatorial district of the state that can produce the governor of the state within themselves alone, but needs the cooperation and support from other senatorial district to achieve her desires.

It is on this note, we want to appeal to our beloved brothers in Kogi East and Kogi Central senatorial district respectively to give there overwhelming and massive support for Kogi West for the sake of justice, equity and fairness.

We have observed with keen interest the recent calls from different groups across Kogi State to DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH to declare to run for Kogi State number one job to enable the results oriented banker to take over the mantle of leadership come 2024 after a successful tenure of the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello.

The call was imperative and timely in true perspective of the good people of Kogi State who are dynamic, reasonably, human, industrious, patriotic and innovative.

To the glory of God, Distinguished Banji Jimoh has purchased the APC nomination and intent form and he was received by mammoth crowd who have been waited for such moment in the history of Kogi State.
Our good people of Kogi State, you will agree with us that, the epidemic called poverty is not in our stars, it is man-made as such only a man whose name radiate B- best, A- action N- noble, J- justice, I,- integrity. J- joint, I- industrous, M- modest, O- orator, H- humble, can discover the hidden switches to switch on the light to shine on our people and chase the alien poverty and darkness away.

We need a leader who will use the instrument of justice and fairness in a true state for dividends of democracy across the nooks and crannies of our beloved Kogi State.

We need a leader who will serve as the leading light to chase away darkness, vendetta and restore hope, fairness, justice, rule of law to the millions of despaired of our good people whose energy and capacities have been stagnated for decades due to impaired wealth generation and distribution policies.

We cannot afford moving to the 2023 Kogi State Governorship election with obsolete ideas and machineries, selfish and wicked pretenders who have nothing to offer when elected.

We need a leader with new energies, new ideas, new machineries, new innovation and that is inherent in Distinguished Banji Jimoh that will be able to build on the structure of Governor Yahaya Bello for a new Kogi State of our dream as such the bearer of the key to the door of relevance opportunities and development.

Our good people of Kogi State, the promotion and actualization of DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH is Rightly and Timely. The time for a new Kogi State is here.

It is intended that with the kind of Records, Integrity and Hope embodied in this personality called “DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH”, his disposition to touch the heart of the common man in many positive ways, his availability and his accessibility, wisdom, knowledge, exposure, doggedness, discipline and his being guided by the fear of God are what makes him to stand out among his equals.

We therefore urge all the good people of Kogi State to take it upon themselves in our sincere actualization for a new Kogi State where welfare of workers will be a priority, where the full dividends of democracy will be the main concern of the government, where traditional rulers will get their rightfull place and roles in the activities of the government, where massive infrastructural development will be witnessed across the nooks and crannies of Kogi State, where the security of lives and property will be the tireless efforts of the government and where the rule of law will be highly preserved.

Let the good people of our beloved Kogi State rise up in their sincere commitment to rally round and give their full support as we keep working day and night for the actualization of DISTINGUISHED BANJI JIMOH for a better Kogi State worthy of our dream. Together, we can achieve this dream.

So help us God in our sincere promotion and actualization of Distinguished BANJI JIMOH for a better Kogi State. Amen.


Long live Kogi State.

Long live Nigeria

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