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Hon Leke ABEJIDE is a current House of Representative Member representing the Yagba East, Yagba West and Mopa Federal Constituency for the second term running now.

He’s currently the  Governorship candidate for his party, African Democractic Congress, ADC; the platform he singlehandedly sponsored to have the seat and also influenced for his sister constituency Kabba/Ijumu Federal Constituency.

The man Leke ABEJIDE has being consistent since he came on  board in reeling out dividends of democracy to his constituents the past years. Before his emergence as House of Reps member, he embarked on a very daring and daunting task of investing massively in the education of his people by helping to pay the WAEC fee of all students in his constituency and have also being consistently doing great for his people.

There are many House of Representatives former and current from Kogi East, who didn’t and still cannot boast of tangible contribution both on the floor of the House and impacting the lives of their people. 

This is one reason they fade away like they never held any office of influence because it has always being about their selfish desires forgetting those who elected them to those offices.

Today most of them are no longer relevant politically; some have turned themselves to political junketeers.

The Leke ABEJIDE example

When you serve your people geninuely there’s every possiblity for you to grow exponentially politically.

Leke is never involved in the thuggery kind of politics as always witnessed by these leaders in Kogi East.

The masses, elderly and the young ones loves and will always do his bid politically. 

Our leaders from Kogi East must as a matter of urgency and neccesity see to this side of politics and learn from him.

Politics is a call to service, when thus is done, the people reciprocate with thier unflinching support. This is what Leke is getting.

He came to Kogi politics with an unkown party, won a Rep seat beating the Government machinery and manipulations in 2019 while in 2023, he consolidated by influencing another Rep seat beating a serving Speaker backed by the government.

Kogi East leaders must learn these virtues of service to the people.

Today he’s contesting for the number one seat in the State and massively enjoying overwhelming support across the land. Your good works will always pave way for you.

Let’s join hands with him by voting him and making live better for our people.

Kogi will be better with Leke ABEJIDE.

GODWIN SB writes from Lokoja

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