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Our attention has been drawn to a watery twist of history from apologists of Senator Dino Melaye, trying to rewrite history in a phantom attempt to malign the person and soil the integrity of one of Yagba’s most mercurial politicians, His Excellency Arc. Yomi Awoniyi.

Unlike them, Arc. Yomi Awoniyi came from a refined background and brought up properly. He had a livelihood before venturing into politics with his integrity intact. He has verifiable businesses and God has been very faithful to him.

The background above is imperative to draw the line between Arc. Yomi Awoniyi, a father, a loving husband and a complete gentleman and people without verifiable source of riches and street fighters who have no integrity to protect.

Arc. Yomi Awoniyi became Deputy Governor because the PDP needed the network of Alh. Abdulrazak Kutepa. It was Kutepa that nominated Awoniyi to be Deputy Governor and not any manipulation. He deservedly served as Deputy Governor. He has no history of torn clothes in office nor any show of shame of women battery. Awoniyi is a respectable and distinguished Nigerian.

It must be made clear that Awoniyi didn’t protest because he lost the primary. He protested because he lost the primary to a brazen and fraudulently manipulated list of elected delegates.

Congresses were held and delegates emerged, only for some incurable fraudsters to go and manipulate the list at the National Headquarters of the party to suit their nefarious desperation for power. Such fraud will never be acceptable to men and women of conscience.

Dino is fighting because he is already sinking in the mud of his fraud. People of goodwill are leaving the Umbrella for him alone to continue his manipulation and fraud. How is that a problem for Arc. Yomi Awoniyi?

How can someone in a glass house be throwing stones? Hasn’t Wike said it all? How can someone who threatened rape on the floor of the Senate aspire to lead a sophisticated state like Kogi? How can a man reputed for his notoriety of fighting everyone on the floor of the House of Representatives aspire to lead us? How can a wife beater and woman abuser even dream of becoming our Governor?

We sound this as a warning that our organisation will defend all Yagba sons and daughters against any agenda that is fraud-infested, anti-people and self serving.

As Yagba people, we cherish the personality of Arc. Yomi Awoniyi and wish to pledge our unalloyed loyalty to all eminent Yagba people. Arc. Awoniyi is a leader to reckon with and his beautiful wife will also be grateful for giving her a man who respects women.

Dino should carry his fraudulent load alone and leave our son out of his mess.

Alonge Temidayo
YYDF National President

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