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Calls for rotation of Governorship position in Kogi
…As Sheidu emerges new Kogi NUJ chairman

The outgoing Chairman, Kogi State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Adeiza Momohjimoh, has called for rotation of the state’s governorship seat among the three ethnic nationalities in Kogi.

Momohjimoh made the call while giving his farewell speech at the triennial conference in Lokoja on Wednesday to elect new members of the union.

He stressed that ethnic rivalry usually characterize governorship elections in the state, insisting that regardless the diversity in language, all ethnic nationalities in the state have same roots and age-long affiliations.

“The much talked about Kogi State Governorship election of November 11 has come and gone. Gone, but it leaves some dusts flying in its trail. There is a reason for this. We as a people have not been able to divest ourselves of primordial loyalty to our different ethnic identities. Instead of politics of unity, politics of peace, progress and prosperity.

“We play politics of disunity as we hurl unprintable and unheard abuses forgetting the fact that as one people bounded by common political destiny which had its roots first in Kwararafa kingdom and later in Kabba province, the insult of one is the insult of the others.

“Therefore, I will like to call on our political players to come together and work out a power sharing modality in the state. For me, rotation governorship as agreed upon by our founding fathers is the way to go. Commonwealth should be Commonwealth please.

“It is not a strange formular and it is not peculiar to us. Rotational government has been thriving in Niger State among a few other states of the federation. And it is working for them. Why do we not take the cue from states where rotational governorship has worked? It brings peace. It buries mutual hatred. It nurtures bonding and healthy competitiveness resulting into common splendour for all of us. Kogi politicians please, call the stakeholders to a round table discussion on rotational governorship. It is what is fair, just and equitable,” he appealed.

Adeiza expressed gratitude to members of the NUJ council for their support throughout his stewardship as chairman. He urged them to extend same to the incoming leadership.

“Today, as I exit the leadership of this great Council as its Chairman, I can, without sounding immodest, beat my chest, saying that I came, I saw and I conquered. It is indeed a triumphant exit.

“I consider my self lucky not because I had the privilege to enjoy two sweet tenures but because I have had the honour of supervising an NUJ election that will be the first of its kind in the history of the Union in the State. As witnesses in this election that will in a matter of minutes usher in the new leadership of the Council, everyone that signified his or her intention in any of the Union positions has been returned unopposed. It has never happened before.

“The exercise was peaceful. What it simply shows is the harmony and understanding that exist among us. This feat has not only raised us shoulder and head above our other industrial unions in the state, it also serves as a big lesson to our politicians.

“Where there is peaceful coexistence, harmony and understanding, elections can be held in consensus, peaceful and friendly atmosphere. It is possible.

“Back to the union, we would have loved to achieve a lot more for the Union and our members than we did. But as we all know, for any organization to thrive beyond compare, finance has always remained the determinant factor,” he said.

The outgoing Chairman expressed gratitude to God and members for the achievements recorded during his tenure.

He added though with limited resources, the leadership tried to keep the Secretariat of the Union in high taste.

“We were able to rescue the NUJ Clinic which had foundation problem. In fact, it was on the verge of collapse before we propped it up. I implore the incoming administration to take advantage of the renovation of the Clinic by putting it to good use.

“Still counting, one other achievement that will also remain evergreen in my mind is the Digital Economy Centre that was facilitated for the Council by the former Senator representing Kogi Central in the 9th Senate, Alhaji Oseni Yakubu.

“The Centre which is equipped with its full complement such as Computers and other gadgets is one project that can greatly improve our skills as media professionals.

“The reason why the Centre has not been fully put to use is because of our meticulous search for a trustworthy person to faithfully manage it for the Council in a commercially viable manner, the kind that will generate handsome revenue for the Council. I urge the Council to conclude the search and gainfully put the Centre to maximum use.

“For those of you who are attending our function for the first time, this Hall will not make meaningful appreciation to you but those who were familiar with this place before now will appreciate our effort. They know that a lot of work has gone into it. The Hall looks more beautiful now thanks to our benefactor of all time, Dr. (Mrs) Oyeyemi Latifat Kolapo, the Media Consultant to the Executive Governor of Kogi State who on the eve of the Kogi Government election gave Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello’s donation of five million to us for the renovation of the hall.

“Among our later day achievements like the ones I have mentioned before is the book, Media Development in Kogi State, the Council had written to chronicle the Media history in the state from its inception. When we presented the book to the Public, it drew praises for the pace the NUJ had set for other organizations in the state.”

Other elected officials are Mr. Segun Oyenibe as Secretary, Mr. Sunda Adegbija as treasure, Ali Josphine Unekwu as Auditor while Abdulsalam Abubakar Muhammed is elected as financial secretary and Samuel Atuluku as assistant secretary.

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