Hon. Leke Abejide Will Not Disappoint The youths – Chief Adebola

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Chief Shola Adebola the Chief of Staff to Hon. Leke Abejide the governorship candidate of African Democratic Congress (ADC) has assured  the National Association of Okun Students (NAOS) Prince Abubakar Audu University Chapter that Abejide will not disappoint the younger generation. Chief Adebola made this known to the Okun Student Union body of PAAU while he represented Hon. Leke Abejide at the event. Addressing the lecturers and Okun students present Chief Adebola acknowledge and commend the leadership of Hon. Abejide as a legislator who has been promoting education in different ways. “The most important adjective to qualify Hon. Abejide is compassionate, because he feels the pulse of the common man and has always been on his toes, taking steps to alleviate them through people-oriented projects in education, infrastructure and many others. He described Hon. Abejide as a young, dynamic, God-fearing, easy- going, lover of the masses and defender of the defenseless member representing the people of Yagba and the ADC candidate of Kogi State. According to him, Hon. Leke will never disappoint the younger generations because they are the majestic leaders that must tutored to make the best out of themselves. “The time has come, for those present, kindly pass this message to those that are not here, it is time to take the bull by the horn it is time to make a difference”. He noted that Kogi State belongs to all of us, therefore, equity and fairness should be give a chance, by granting a fair opportunity to the Kogi Western axis of the state to govern. A tripod can never be balanced when it stands with two legs and the other leg is left hanging. Therefore, as a people, we should not be a people that will give ourselves only to service and not lead. “Hon. Leke Abejide has given himself to the service of the people he represents in the National Assembly in the last 4 years, his scorecard are well documented and could be felt and every Yagba, and by extension Kogi State citizens can verify. He said, Leke Abejide will turn PAAU around as he could see dilapidated structures that needs to be reformed and revamped considering the condition of the roof of the lecture room where the event took place. Hon. Adebola challenged the students of PAAU to join Hon. Leke to achieve the Kogi State that everyone especially the next generations will be proud of. “This is the time to wake up as we can not recycle ineptitude, incompetent, and people who have shown capacity to be wicked to civil servants and pensioners”. The youth agenda of Hon. Leke Abejide is excellent as education will be fostered for all, quality instructional materials and qualified lecturers will be made available for students in tertiary institutions. While Hon. Leke Abejide has plans of having a visitation session for all the higher institutions in Kogi State to identify the problems and address it squarely. Hon. Adebola Samuel advised the students to join the man who has the objectives of rebuilding the state and building an enduring future for the young generation.

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