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Good morning to good people of Kogi West Senatorial District.

I want to lend my voice in support to the calls made by Rt Hon James Abiodun Faleke that Governorship seat be zoned to Kogi West Senatorial District in the spirit of FAIRNESS, EQUITY AND JUSTICE.

We are not conquered people and not slaves as posited by Senator Smart Adeyemi. In fact we are the most educated and very successful in our chosen field of endeavours and despite all these attributes our people have never shown arrogance or fight dirty for power instead we have used our God given treasures to support our people from the other sides. We are indeed the most patient and supportive to both Kogi East and Kogi Central in their bids to govern the State. Checking their success stories in been the Governor of Kogi State, it has been Kogi West that made it happened. Why must will be treated as third citizens in our own State?

Every Kogi West person is not a bastard, not a coward and not stupid for not knowing what is his or her right but we are only been very considerate to allow our brothers from Kogi East and Central have their way first but it is payback time for both Senatorial Districts to reciprocate our kind gestures to them after all the old adage if it is still relevant in today’s World says”the patient dog eats the fattest bone “ but it seems now the patient dog has nothing left to eat!

I want to crave the indulgence of our brothers and sisters in APC/PDP/ADC voting in the Guber primary elections to look deep and choose the best Aspirants within their political parties to pick a candidate of Kogi West extraction. This is the first step which is the most important aspect of the struggle. If that is done, we can all sit down and choose who to support and give bloc votes across the 7 LGAs and I am sure our brothers and sisters who are very objective and considerate will give us support in both Kogi East and Kogi Central.

Kogi will be great again in our time by God’s grace.


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