Give your ticket to Yomi Awoniyi – Kogi West Youth Appeals To PDP Delegates

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…..Says former Deputy Governor is the best man for Lugard House job

Owing to his achievement and antecedent, the former Kogi State Deputy Governor and the Lisa of Mopaland, Arc Yomi Awoniyi stand as the best among his equals to lead Kogi State to the greater heights.

The former Deputy Governor hails from Mopa in Mopamuro Local Government Area of Kogi State is the leading Governorship aspirant in Kogi State under the People’s Democratic party (PDP). His exposure, connection, wisdom and knowledge gave us the conviction that he is the man kogites needs at this crucial moment in the history of our state where we need a man to rescue us from the economic, political and infrastructure decay that has put us into a complete darkness.

The 2023 kogi State Governorship election is around the corner. This is a great opportunity for the delegates to choose rightly so that we can all enjoy the full gains of democracy.

Our dear delegates should consider experience, exposure, knowledge, wisdom, strength and fear of God in who should becomes our Governor. The good news here is that ARC. YOMI AWONIYI posesses all the above qualities to lead our beloved kogi State come January 2024.

If we must get it right this time around, our delegates should put first our beloved kogi State before their own personal interest. Our delegates should put into consideration the future of our children and the unemployed teeming youth roaming the street because of the bad leadership in our state. They must consider the suffering of our civil servants, most especially, the local government workers and the primary school teachers who have turned beggers on the street of kogi where many of them have died as a result of undue hardship melted on them by the APC led administration.

Our delegates should consider the mis-representers of the entire kogi State by some selfish group of morally deficient and humanly incompetent people who have taken it upon themselves to insult the psyche of the good people of kogi State by their callous, mindless and blind hearted utterances. These mis-representers are beneficiaries and opportunist of the exalted state of corruption, wrong permissiveness and sycophancy.

We should now be determined to prevent them from getting there by showing the world that we the liberal people of kogi State have sanctioned that the seat of kogi Governor is not hereditary, we the kogites choose it.

Arc. Yomi Awoniyi is the leader who will use the instrument of justice and fairness in a true state for full gains of democracy

Arc. Yomi Awoniyi is the leader who will serve as the leading light to chase away darkness and restore to the thousands of despaired of our good people whose energy and capacities have been stagnated for decades due to impaired wealth generation and distribution policies.

Arc. Yomi Awoniyi is the leader with new energies, new ideas, new machineries and new innovation to lead kogi State to the promise land.

We want to use this medium to appeal to our would be delegates to consider the antecedent of Arc. Yomi Awoniyi for a better kogi State we can all be proud of. With the kind of record, integrity in Arc. Yomi Awoniyi, kogi State is safe and would be better for all of us if he becomes the Governor of our beloved kogi State.

This is to call on all of us to see this as a call of rescue and good governance, a call to build our own future by ourselves, a call for a new beginning and a call for a new kogi State.

Our future and that of our children is in our hand. May God bless Kogi State.

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