Fanwo Suffering from Political Myopia, Analytic Bigotry.

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The media team of Leke Abejide the candidate of African Democratic Congress ADC has slammed the Kogi State Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Femi Fanwo over his recent comment against the candidate of ADC Hon. Leke Abejide says the commissioner suffers political myopia and analytical bigotry.

Fanwo has been hiding his shamelessness under frivolous lies for the government for the last few years. It is quite understandable that since Fanwo lost during the last primary election, he has continued to display sheer lunacy showcasing an unstable mind shrouded in darkness. As he continued to exhibit the lack of intellect to effectively communicate his ideas (if he has any) or lucidly demonstrate his logic given the proven anarchical bent of his mind, one can, therefore, better understand some of the wild, unsubstantiated and reckless allegations he has against Leke Abejide, in his recent comment he made a futile bid to denigrate the character and tarnish the image of Leke Abejide which simply makes it’s clear that the Government of Kogi State is in serious disarray considering the court order in favor of Abejide of ADC, as the court ordered that Abejide should be protected by the DSS and Police from being arrested.

This is proof that the government is making efforts to frame Abejide up, attack him, and arrest him as well, Fanwo suffers from megalomania and is living in a hall of shamelessness. He admits that the government is making efforts to attack Abejide.

He admits that Abejide’s Waec payment in the last 7 years is part of the state government’s responsibility but the government failed woefully in living up to it’s responsibility.
He successfully admits that Leke withstood all assaults from the state government and remained the only alliance the people saw and hoped for a better Kogi State.

Fanwo could not also deny that Abejide remains the best candidate that can fix Kogi’s state after all the damages the government has inflicted on the people through their autocratic rule in the state, he even admits that Abejide at this material time is “morally and tactically higher and more qualified than his party’s candidate.

It is quite convenient for Mr Kingsley Fanwo to forget that Leke Abejide has been playing key roles in Yagba and beyond, right before joining politics, he is an elected two-term member of the House of Representatives.

One would wonder why he came out so quickly to outline his infamous attacks at Leke Abejide, it is because his political party candidate does not possess National and grassroots acceptance like Leke Abejide.

Abejide possesses wider political acceptance than the APC candidate who is only known for the key role of suffering Kogi state workers in the state during the last 7 years of the government, the people are also conscious that Ododo is Yahaya’s third term agenda to further wreck Kogi State and protect his boss from being accountable for all the havoc caused in the state.

Abejide’s cordial relationship with APC leaders and other political party leaders could only mean that those leaders see potential and greatness in him that could not be seen in Usman Ododo the APC candidate. These continue to bother Fanwo as their colossal failure in the coming election will be massive and unbearable for them.

Abejide’s campaign has been a relief for the people of Kogi State that with him, the State will have it better and can be at its best than it has been in the hands of those who put Kogi State in the reversed development. Kogi State has been brought to a condition of disaster and development has been rendered to be on its knees crawling while Fanwo continues to lie for the government to make it seem all is well with the state.

Today, the state sits on the lowest rungs of development indices, the Local Governments have been paralyzed while the government sees anyone who speaks against all the ill activities of the government as an enemy. While the state suffers epileptic symptoms in the hands of these flunked individuals.

Kogites have in all ways rejected the candidate of APC in the state. The choice of whether to continue along this trajectory or to seek a new course is no longer a matter of debate.

Kogites need a fresh breath but the likes of Fanwo a polemical bigotry want the state to hang around their failure to satisfy him and the interest of his master even after years of failure and petty lies to the people.

One would be worried for Fanwo that after the government what would he fall back to?
We want to advise Fanwo, to go back to the drawing board, and x-ray Kogi state under Bello, their continuous attacks and plot to arrest Abejide will not save them from the doom looming to fall on them come November 11, 2023.

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