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Distinguished Sir, the annual anniversary of your birth has since transcended the usual celebration of a man’s date of birth. It has indeed become a fan with many blades, all working together to exude soothing air and creating a festive ambiance to all under its coverage, yours, inexplicably wide and of diverse social strata. It is also partly a day to offer thanksgiving to God for gifting to this generation a rare, diligent and gallant champion of people’s emancipation while appreciating the principles upon which your enviable life is led so far, with its attendant impactul exploits: personal, professional or communal.
Over the years, your commitment to the quest for an egalitarian society has always been firm, unwavering and beyond the common pretenses of usual politicians. You have on several occasions, immaterial of your party affiliation spoken spoken to power, reverberating that your loyalty is first to Nigerians before any political party. Your diverse socio-economic empowerment programs aimed at ameliorating the plight of the masses (even beyond your delineated constituency) have constantly singled you out as a dependable custodian of people’s mandate.
Your conducts in the political arena and your integrity driven dealings at the corridor of power has further endeared sincere observers of Nigerian democracy to you. You are one of the very few politicians of your stature and longevity with zero record of ethical controversy. This rare ability to keep your name untainted while you remain conspicuously visible and bodly audible in the usually murky water of national politics makes you a favorite of true progressives and a go-to example for the young emerging leaders.
As one, of your numerous followers, mentees and beneficiaries, I join the multitude of your family, friends, associates and well wishers in celebrating you, your steeling principles and labours for a better society. Happly birthday Sir, even as I wish you the very best that the years ahead can bring.
Happy Birthday Distinguished Senator Smart.
Kayode Joseph OLORUNMOTITO (Comrade).

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