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Coalition of Kogi State Patriots met today in Abuja to championed a way forward for a renewed Kogi State.

The meeting was Chaired by the Director General, Dr. Tom Ohikere who was a former commissioner for Information and Communication.

Ohikere who is from Kogi Central is a believer in equity and fairness for Kogi State.

In his speech, Ohikere said if there must be equity, Justice and fairness, power must shift to the Kogi Western Senatorial District of the State.

He said an Ebira Man was Governor and Deputy in Old Kwara State, the Igala have ruled for over 16 years in the present Kogi State but the West was only Deputy Goverrnor twice since 1991.

He said Kogites must rally round the west so that we can both live in Peace and Harmony.

Other various speaker appealed to the the Central and Eastern Senatorial District to work with the Western flanks saying that in togetherness the state will be stronger and not leaned towards tribal believes or religion sentiment.

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