2023 Teacher’s Day: Thank you for Shaping Minds and Inspiring Dreams. I will deliver your reward -Dino Melaye

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On this commemorative occasion of Teachers Day, I commend the great teachers in Kogi State, who as mind shapers and future tenders have continued to dedicate themselves to moulding our dear children for a great future; their denied rewards and the uncertainty of their emoluments notwithstanding. The darkness that overshadows the work environment in our state may be depressing, but I urge you to look forward to a shared prosperity under our watch.

As we celebrate today, let us take a moment to recognize the challenges you face daily, including the issue of prompt payment of salaries and entitlements. We understand your concerns, and we are committed to addressing them. Our goal is to provide you with the welfare packages you deserve, ensuring that your well-being and job satisfaction remain a priority.

In doing this, we are determined to eliminate the gross error that Teachers’ rewards are in heaven. For sure, God does not owe anyone. The economy of the world is also not the economy of heaven. Your reward will certainly be delivered to you on earth. Be assured that Teachers will no longer become a liability to the society that they have nurtured.

Under our watch there will be continuous training and retraining for your growth and improved performance. We believe that investing in your professional development will result in better educational outcomes for our students. Together, we can create an environment where teaching becomes a profession that fosters lifelong learning and excellence.

Let us find solace in the Biblical phrase, “Though weeping endures for the night, joy cometh in the morning.” We assure you that brighter days are ahead, where your efforts will be recognized, appreciated, and appropriately rewarded.

On this Teachers Day, please accept our gratitude for your remarkable contribution to Kogi State’s education system. You are the beacon of hope for our children, and as it is said, No Teacher, no Nation. More than at any time in the history of our state you have a unique opportunity to opt for the one who has always fought for the rights and dignity of Kogi Workers. It is not intellectually progressive to continue to empower those who have prospered at the expense of your sweat.

As the governorship poll approaches, I want to assure you that you will never regret voting me as your governor. Let’s come together to save the future of our children and revive our educational sector and make teachers the noblest of professions again!

Happy Teachers Day! 🌟✨🍎🎓

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